The Mondrian Dress

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In 1965, Yves Saint Laurent designed a collection of clothes in wool and jersey inspired by the dutch artist Piet Mondrian. The dress was designed in color blocks-just how the artist would set his paintings, with a use of the three primary colours + white divided by horizontal and vertical black lines. I looked into it’s history and here’s what I found out:

The Mondrian dress isn’t only a historical tribute to one of the most renowned artists of the time, but also a genius creation due to the smart balancing out of colors which balanced out the figure.

Back then, Harper’s Bazaar referred to them as ‘the dress of tomorrow.’ Soon the dresses became very popular, making its way into the mass-market, and inspiring a range of imitations until now.

The Mondrain dress was shown again in 2002, during the YSL retrospective haute-couture fashion show at the Pompidiou Centre in Paris, and is now stored at the MET Museum.


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