Teo Jakob : 5 Iconics

Teo Jakob is a swiss designer brand, founded by Theodor Jakob in Berne. It exposes a curated variety of interior design brands. In 1950, Theodor Jakob imported iconic design from the Bauhaus mouvement and from italian and scandinavian designers. He was a precursor of interior design at the time. Today, the brand is very active in the promotion of swiss interior designers, and gives out a yearly award at the HEAD in Geneva.

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Facing a dilemma of what to wear? Go for a blazer and a dress. Yes, together. Blazer Dresses are the ultimate empowering outfit for the Spring and Autumn seasons, adding a little magic to a formal garment. Blazer dresses have become so popular in 2018, with Alexander Wang and Mugler showcasing various options of them, that celebrities have chosen to wear them to the red carpet too. Which look is your favourite?

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Above, Olga Vilshenko is featuring her own designs for her latest collection. Vilshenko is one of those brands that has an authentic, romantic and vintage feel about it. Olga, the designer grew up during the Soviet Communist era and seeks a lot of inspiration from that era, creating peaces that look good on her. For her latest collection, Olga has been inspired by the empress Catherine the Great known for her lavish fashion choices and imperial palaces.

We are just drooling all over the collection!

Introducing: Fashtory App


Many international brands are looking for new ways to bolster their presence and performance in the Middle East, Fashtory App serves as a creative platform which allows to showcase exceptional designers worldwide, tells the story of the brand to local consumers, becoming a unique platform that appreciates hidden talent to be discovered in the region of the Gulf as well as worldwide.


Nowadays tech world is constantly evolving and providing solutions and features to help emerging brands build new and lasting relationships with potential consumers and explore ways to drive broader exposure and recognition.

For the fashion girl, who is glued to her phone ways to shop and engage with the emerging brands from all over the world is becoming easier by using fashion aplications. A newly emerged App – Fashtory is designed to provide instant filter via a category or sub category or even better, a country where the brand is based. As for the brand, sharing a lookbook, targeting buyers, engaging directly with the customer and filtering through styles to find exactly what one is looking for has become possible.


Fashtory is a new app that allows the user to find a customer base all over the world, which makes it perfect for tourists and worldwide based fashionistas. Fashtory’s unique features turn in into a platform with sole purpose to connect and save time, while searching for hidden treasures.

Discover how Fashtory works for different parties:


Build your network of brands ( for a Consumer)

This is a simple way that fits into your work day to save you time – helping you discover designers, find unique brands from fashion to jewellery, browsing through various lookbooks, and just simply engage with the designer houses directly.



Build your network in the fashion industry for a Brand

Use your Fashtory profile to develop relationships with people in fashion industry and engage with customers from around the world and grow your brand. This platform is designed to showcase collections, and serves as a place to connect with end users/customers in the most efficient way. There are various features which users can take advantage of such as a chat option, comments etc.


Share your latest lookbooks, effortlessly (for a Brand)

Your lookbook is the foundation of your profile. Upload it, tag it, and add product information and photographs for customers to browse and explore. Let your collection be unveiled to boost sales and press coverage for free.


Grow your brand with strategic insights (for a Brand)

Understanding what the fashion community loves about your collection is essential for an emerging brand. With the right data on how each of the products is performing, i.e. getting most feedback from users, brands will be able to make better decisions on how to get the most out of targeting a specific customer using the Apps features for marketing.