Interview: Marblehive for Blesque

Shopping in stores? A taboo or a cliche, you name it. It’s all about online shopping and if you are cool, well, you shop online. Firstly, it is a great way to shop for things that are not locally available, it is often more affordable, and it is quick and easy. Marble Hive is a website that offers unique fashionable choices from clothing to accessories and cosmetics. For those of you who enjoy a quick read to stay in the loop, they also have a blog that they recently launched.

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1) What is the idea behind Marble Hive?

The idea behind Marble Hive is to create a shopping destination for unique fashion pieces, accessories and natural cosmetics. In addition we have recently launched a blog, which in near future hopefully will become an interesting and informative platform about travel, lifestyle, beauty and of course fashion.

2) Is there something or someone who inspires you?

Definitely! I think the easier question is what doesn’t inspire? I think nowadays especially we cannot say that there is a lack of inspiration. For me inspiration comes from travelling, streets, movies, reading etc. Nowadays we also have great tools for inspiration such as Pinterest and Instagram where everyday we follow and look for inspiration whether it’s from current trends or past. For me its vital to save/snap all my inspirations on the go.
Women in general and women’s fashion are a great source of information and inspiration and I am always on the look for style icons especially from 70s-90s now. You probably have noticed how so many trends are coming back! I love how the past trends are mixed with the current styles. Forever favorite style icons are: Bianca Jagger, Lauren Bacall, Grace Kelly and Jane Birkin.

3) Do you have certain guidelines when choosing designers for your online shop?

For sure, one of the main ideas behind Marble Hive is to be very selective with items because we want to offer an easy and pleasant shopping experience that is not over saturated with products.
For clothing and accessories we look at:
– design uniqueness and/or essential
– exclusiveness
– quality
– relationship between quality & price
As for cosmetics -ingredients -effectiveness -exclusiveness -essentials

4) What is the motto of Marble Hive?

We don’t really have one particular motto line. But I would say that our motto in general is take care of yourself and others. Nowadays schedules are so hectic, it’s so important to take a pause sometimes and treat yourself somehow. Whether it’s to read a book, watch a favorite show, sleep, shop online, do some beauty treatment, anything that works for you. Every woman should have the right to a time to treat herself. This is why through Marble Hive we try to simplify and make your “me” time more pleasurable by offering you cool & sure pieces, cosmetics that are harmless and good for you and interesting as well as sometimes important information. I think especially in relation to cosmetics, it’s so important to be aware of what you put on your biggest organ. Lately I have noticed how more and more people start having skin issues, I myself am very sensitive and take this subject very seriously. This is one of the areas that we really want talk about and help people treat their skin in the best way possible.

5) How would you describe the Swiss fashion?

I would say it is hard to describe Swiss fashion in a few words, as the country itself consists of regions that are neighbored with different countries that bring different influences and bigger cities have a lot of foreigners. However, I think Swiss fashion does represent quality, luxury and class. When you think of Switzerland one of the first things that comes to mind is watches. In addition Richemont a home to many luxury brands is based here too.
As for the street style fashion, thanks to social media, we are able to witness more and more fashion influencers from Switzerland who are becoming known to audience from all over the world. I am always super excited to find Swiss bloggers with cool style.

6) What is the next step for Marble Hive?

Hopefully growing in general, creating more interesting content, collaborating with new talents, discovering new brands and offering even more items so that our customers and readers can really enjoy and value Marble Hive.

7) What kind of a woman do you see shopping at Marble Hive?

A woman who dresses first of all for herself and who feels comfortable and stylish with what she wears. She is an independent lady who’s days are long and exciting meaning that she likes to wear outfits that can be worn from work to an after work drink/dinner. She is the girl who mixes high and low designer labels, is well travelled and cultured. She is smart as she is beautiful and quietly confident.

8) What can we expect from your next collection?

For Spring/Summer 2018 we are adding more color to our collections. Think pastels, forms, bright colors, pleats, frills, classic suits and denim.

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Le Cabinet De Beauté

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It is quite debatable at what age to start taking REAL care of your skin, as some say it is better not to clean the skin until later in the 20s while I believe it is absolutely necessary to start taking care of the skin as early as puberty starts. And so I did…

One of my favorite ways to take care of the skin is of course to have facials. Sure, it may be painful for a couple of minutes of the actual cleansing but the rest is utter calmness. In my opinion a good facial combines: a good aura with a comfortable and serene space where the mind can relax, a professional beautician who chooses a specific treatment for each skin, and good products that are organic and natural.

So, after living in Geneva for more than 10 years, I have tried many places for my facials, usually choosing the spas at the hotels, because they seem to be best choice when it comes to hygiene and professionalism. However, I recently discovered the perfect place for my mind and my skin- at Le Cabinet de Beauté.

Soma, the beautician and owner of the salon is a super gentle, calm and fashionable person who has a lot of experience in the beauty sphere, having worked in the field for many years, in different environments with renowned doctors and aestheticians.

The space of the salon is super clean, calm and cozy, filled with white and beige pastels all over. Located in the secluded centre of Geneva, Le Cabinet de Beauté offers many procedures that you can check on their website and the prices are affordable and most importantly worthy. However, this specific post is in regard to the facial treatments and let me just say that for me, it was one of the best experiences so far.

Soma, starts by getting to know how you cleans and nourish your skin, and which products you use. In the one hour and a half of my treatment, I learnt some good pointers of how to treat the skin properly and the faux-pas. For example did you know that water dries the skin and thus it’s highly important to dry the skin fully, after washing it?

I enjoyed the cleansing which wasn’t at all aggressive, the masks which were great for my skin type and the massage of my hands besides everything else. I highly recommend the spot for those who take their skin rituals seriously and want to find a sacred spot with the right ambience.

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Alaia: First Fragrance


Couturier Azzedine Alaia launched his first fragrance last year and it has been the most popular choice ever since. Maybe its the novelty that attracts people so much, maybe its the packaging or simply knowing who the creator of the fragrance is, but women seem be magnetically pulled to it, even before having a chance to have scent. The scent is called Alaia…that’s no surprise, since the designer is known for simplicity and elegance.


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That minimalistic name and design, as well as musky sensuality adorn his latest fragrance creation that came out this September—feminine fragrance Narciso Eau de Parfum.

“I wanted to create an extremely sexy fragrance that would turn a man’s head,” announces the designer, with the description, “The sensuality becomes a little bit more sexy, a little bit more intoxicating.”

The composition is composed of white gardenia and rose above the warm heart of musk. The base includes woody accords of vetiver and two types of cedar: black and white.