Uni-Brow All The Way

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Uni-brows are the one thing women (and men) fear most today, always being afraid that it could ruin their aesthetics. However others say that strong brows mean strong character and I agree. Don’t you think the four people above pull them off, like no one else can?


TASIS: The American School In Switzerland

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When I think of my best memories, I think of TASIS. Whenever someone asks me for advise on where to send their children to study, I say TASIS. This boarding school taught me more than I realize. Located in Lugano, Switzerland, The American School in Switzerland was established over half a century a go by M. Christ Fleming.

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Celebrities THEN

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Looking back at our childhood pictures, we count our blessings and our achievements. Looking through someone else’s pictures as children, we can judge how much they’ve accomplished too. These stars definitely can be proud of how much they’ve gained as a result of hard work and dedication. Of course I must admit that I couldn’t resist laughing at practically all of them, especially when compared to how they look today.