Fariza Ahmadova: Buro 24/7 AZ


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Thank you BURO 24/7 Azerbaijan for featuring me! I loved the photo-shoot that had taken place in the old town in Baku, and the interview was more of a casual conversation between two friends, than a formal atmosphere.

Read my full interview: http://www.buro247.az/culture/ekspert/buro-24-7-m-sahib-yaz-f-riz-hm-dova.html


Fariza Ahmadova on Sevimli Bala


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Sevimli Bala is a newly launched and educational project for women and children, as well as fathers. Their goal is to provide accessible content on daily basis on issues of health, education and psychology. It also puts forward fun ideas for games between children and parents. As readers, you can submit quesitons, comments and advice for other parents. There is never too much information when it comes to children, and frankly when I was pregnant, I remember reading over 15 books, and being simply fascinated. The sevimlibala website makes all the practical information for you available on the tip of your hand. Enjoy!


Fariza Ahmadova: Illustration

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Dear Grace,

Thank you so much much for this wonderful illustration of me! I love it!

Grace carey-Gorey is studying Design in Melbourne, Australia, majoring in fashion design. She is 20 years old and has been drawing for a while now, but only recently expanded to include fashion illustrations and portraits. She loves freedom and versatility that comes with sketches and collaborating with others through her sketches!