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Sarah Bisnainou, the creative head of ETERNAME brand just had a desire to create her boyfriend a pair of gold cufflinks when she first discovered her love for jewelry design. Etername- French for “Make Me Eternal,” how special does a meaning like that make you feel when wearing fascinating jewels. I was lucky enough to be able to speak to the talented Sarah, and ask opinion on fashion, jewelry, and lifestyle. Read Below:

     1. What kind of a woman would you see wearing Etername? 

Women who wear Eternamé are elegant and active. They are often out and about attending events. They are independent, free and happy women. They have their own tastes and are not victims of fashion. To finish, they can appreciate the exclusive character of Eternamé production. For them, jewelry tells a magic story.

  1. Is there something or someone who inspires you?

Travelling inspires me as I love to explore new things and new environments. I can feel, hear, see different landscapes, meet different people, and understand different cultures. I feel rich of all that since thanks to all those discoveries my imagination can’t stop working. This is how Argan collection came to life during my trip to Morocco (I saw that beautiful fruit and the idea came out!). Noor collection was born in Dubai when I saw the arch shape window framework, I found it fantastic and I wanted to achieve the same light effect between the product and the skin.

  1. What are the two countries you want to visit that you haven’t yet been to?

Tanzania since the Tanzanite is my favorite stone.

  1. What is you moto in life?

“People happy in love have an air of intensity” Stendhal.

I think that my products are strong and are the perfect reflect of one personality and the way she loves. All my collections are based on love between friends and family. Because, it tells a story, with many shared souvenirs that are closely and secretly kept in a ring, for example. The symbolic is huge as that positive energy is released from the jewel. Without the support of people I love, it would have been hard to make Eternamé a success. Furthermore, Eternamé jewelry is all handmade and our jewelers and staff create each piece with love and care. People wearing Etername jewellery will definitely feel the love inside.

   5. How would you describe your personality in three words?

Generous, Committed and Frank.

   6. Do you have a favorite stone/gem to work with?

Tanzanite is my favorite stone because of the way it lives: the color is a hue of bluish purple. According to the light the results is different. I like its ambivalence since the color is feminine, in other words soft, but also very strong and it is an unusual color that the eye catches immediately.

7.  Who are your three favorite fashion designers?

Azzedine Alaia, Albert Elbaz, Giambattista Valli

8.  What’s your favorite piece from Etername ?

Lunaria since it is original and sophistaced. The gold is brushed by hand with very special tools. Nevertheless the look is contemporary thanks to the relief on gold. Finally it is so easy to wear it during the daily life.

9. What is elegance to you?

Elegance is not only defined as what you wear but also the way you do the mix and match and assume it.

10. What can we expect from your next collection?

I will move on to more chic and stylish pieces. It will be modern and affordable products that will last in time.

Thank You!


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