Travel Essentials


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When going on vacation, most of us plan our outfits from head to toe, never forgetting the perfect accessory to complement each look. However there is more to travel-packing… Small details such as a travel kit of your favorite beauty products might not pop in your mind, and you may end up carrying tons of rather large bottles as shampoos and hair-conditioners, when all you need is a tiny little sachet with all of the same products. I always pack my own, favorite little umbrella; who knows what the weather might turn out to be.

A scarf is also a must even if the season is warm as you never know if wind will be present. No matter how well you planned your outfits, here is the key: you should try to pack practical clothing which will can work for daily wear as well as for the evening wear, with a simple help of a cute necklace. We all have experienced that day when there just isn’t enough time to run back to the hotel to change for dinner, right?

Above is my list of most forgotten travel items. Be sure to make a check-list!


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