Kuku: Greens Omelet


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Sunday tends to be the one day of the week that we stay at home all day. Running errands, watching a film, and cooking something is what seems to be Sunday’s ritual. So, if you do wish to cozy up your Sunday, here is a quick recipe for a healthy and delicious snack. You may use this as a started or a main-course, depending on how hungry you are.


2 Eggs

2 cups mixed, chopped fresh herbs (I used basil, parsley, tarragon and a few leaves of mint.) You may use any herbs you wish.

2 tbs Oil

1 clove Garlic

1 tsp Flour

Salt/Pepper to taste


1. Pre-heat pan with oil/butter.

2. Chop all the herbs finely, place in a bowl.

3. In a separate small bowl, put the flour and break the eggs inside. Whisk.

4. Pour the mixture over the herbs and mix.

5. Place all this onto the heated pan and close the top. Cook for 15 minutes, turning sides once.

Nush Olsun!



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