True to Fornasetti


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When you finally spend a day at home, besides chores and re-arranging, you most probably end up surfing the internet for some goody-shopping. Well, I decided to skip Net-a-Poter and Mytheresa today, and went to for some interior-design decorations.

No, no, not furniture but small details which make the final finish of any home-decor. The small details include my favorite candles by Fornasetti Brothers! The website offers you much more than that though, and of course if you search for candles, you eventually end up buying a suggested tray, pillow, and much more if you are a shopaholic.

If you are relaxing on your couch like me right now, enjoying a fresh juice, don’t forget to check out this page for some cool accessories by the hottest designers-Fornasetti Brothers!


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