A Scent of Fall

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Its a bit of a tougher job to find the right perfume for your individual style especially in fall season. In summer we tend to go for light, refreshing eau de parfum, whereas in winter its all about strong scents. Fall is all about finding the golden middle of the scent that remains in between summer and winter.

I came up with my own list of the best scents which I find most suitable for autumn. Of course it also depends on individual preference of scents; for example I never liked strong perfumes on myself, although enjoyed smelling it on others.

If you like light yet statement making perfumes, then go for Marc Jacobs Daisy, Johji Yamamoto’ Her Love Story or Chloe Rose. Escada Elixir and Valentino Valentina are in between the strong and the light ones.

Si by Armani (just out) is great for someone older, not for a young person.   Dolce&Gabbana’s Intense and Tom Ford’s Tabacco Vanille are stronger and delicious smelling, indulging you in their odors. For those who like to try new perfumes and experiment with new names, I suggest Penhaligon’s Vaara.


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