Elif Shafak: Forty Rules of Love

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As a person who reads a lot; all types of genres and authors, I think I speak for all when I say that today its just as hard to get a good read as it is to get a natural-maintained grocery. My dearest friend gave Forty Rules of Love, to me as a gift a month a go, and seeing Elif Shafak’s name tempted me to start it sooner than later. I’ve read her novel The Flea Palace and was shocked by her ability to entice the reader, by the amount of knowledgeable information and description.

The second most difficult process is to choose something worth reading, that sticks in your mind forever. I cannot tell you how many book covers I can’t recognize, when looking at them in my bedroom. What it means is that either I have amnesia when it comes to literature or the story just wasn’t captivating enough. Forty Rules of Love is definitely a book I will remember long time from now, that I will pass onto my children and grandchildren.

It taught me a lot about morals, about the simplicity and openness of mind, about kindness and wisdom. I visually highlighted so much of what I though is vital to remember, in the book, that if it were a true marker, a quarter of the book’s text would be in yellow! The rich language of the book intertwines itself with the simplicity of the dialog and the vivid description of the various locations. To cut it short, its a spiritual story about soul-mates, compromise, love and humanity.


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