Face Grooming: A-Z

I enjoy beauty-product shopping but with endless choices of flavors, textures and skin differences it’s often a hassle. There are many great products but there are so many questions following the beauty list shopping. How often do I use a face scrub?  Do I really need an eye-cream? What’s the advantage of fruit water? Do toniques dry the skin? I took dedicated time to go through and try out many products for the face and here is my guide for any skin type.

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WHY?  Face Scrubs are important because even when we wash and clarify the skin with a tonique, not everything is removed. Particles from pollution, make-up, and sweat remain in the pores of the skin and its important to get rid of them to escape pimples and other unpleasant surprises.

HOW? Scrubs should not be used more than once a week, and should not be rubbed too hard into the skin. Apply a bit of the scrub on the fingers and begin. The way to do it is to take two fingers and massage the scrub in a clockwise direction from the forehead to the cheeks, from the nose to the ears, and from the chin to the neck. Do not use the scrub around the eye area, it’s too sensitive. I use my face scrub in the morning before breakfast, leaving it to breath for at least 30 minutes after the exfoliation. There are also daily scrubs which have a lighter texture and are very sensitive, so if you have problematic skin you can use this too. However it’s less professional.

Which One? If you have a dry skin, choose scrubs with olive oil, or coconut oil because they tend to moisturize the skin more, without leaving it dry in the end. If your skin is oily, choose scrubs with lavender, sugar and aloe vera which will absorb all the moisture.

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WHY? Nothing makes me feel more polished and well looked after than fruit water on my face.The skin’s color becomes more radiant, feels refreshed, smells wonderful and all the uneven parts of the skin balance out. I have read from many sources that fruit water is much better than toniques because it doesn’t contain any ethanol which dries the skin immensely, while having the same nourishing effect due the the flower extracts.

HOW? In fact, I use my rose water from Kiehl’s or peach water from Clarins as masks, applying the liquid on large cotton disks, and leaving it on clean skin in the morning for ten minutes.

WHICH ONE?  Fruit water can be used for any skin, its advantage to dry patches as well as oily bits.

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After the fruit water, I apply the eye cream (currently AVENE.)

WHY? Its very important to moisturize the eye area because that (and around the mouth) is where women get wrinkles the fastest. It also helps protect the area from the actual face cream which is a bit too concentrated for that sensitive part of our face.

HOW? Its important to know that the eye cream should not be applied to the top eye-lid, but rather has to be put along the eye bone.

WHICH ONE? If you tend to rub your eye area often, it means the skin is probably a bit dry and so you should look for a more oily and well textured cream like Avene, and if you have a normal skin then apply a tiny bit of any eye cream with a light texture like Dior or Vichy.

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WHY? And finally, the master tool of all beauty grooming- the face cream! They help us maintain a balanced, nourished and moisturized skin. It helps the skin become more elastic, escaping the wrinkles from appearing too fast. If I don’t use a face cream for over two days, I can see the difference immediately. Even when I apply makeup on a dry skin, it lays in patches.

WHICH ONE? Its extremely important to choose the right one ladies. Do not get attracted to the ads and rather ask for your friend’s reviews of their face creams. For oily and young skin, choose light textured creams like Chanel, especially for the hot seasons. If the skin is dry choose Avene, it’s the best moisturizing face cream in my opinion. If you have a normal combination skin, use the Sisley cucumber cream which will help you maintain the wellbeing of the skin.

“Beauty is eternity gazing at itself in a mirror. 
But you are the eternity and you are the mirror.” 
― Kahlil Gibran


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