Les Benjamins’s Story

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What do you get inspired by? The ultimate question.
Les Benjamins, a new upcoming but already very successful fashion brand seeks inspiration from social movements and it’s impact on daily life. The designs combine visual parody and distinctive attitude like no other. The designs on the t-shirts are a form of portraying social issues in a fun and creative way.
Bunyamin and his friends, ‘Les Benjamins’, decided to create Les Benjamins, following on the ideas and attitudes of ‘Les Juenes Turcs’, a group of young intellectual dissidents who believed in ‘Union and Progress’ at the time of the Ottoman Empire. That spirit and attitude inspires the collections we see from Les Benjamins today…

Something old. Something true. Something borrowed… Always new.

“Each design purposefully merges the genetic code of related figures to create a more dominant gene in order to illuminate a thought process in smart minds.”

The brand already has over 100 retailers in their second season and is only placed into high-end concept stores, to stay true to their image.

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