RECIPE: Kelem Dolmasi

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Kelem Dolmasi is one of my favorite Azeri dishes, which takes a little while to prepare but once you get the hang of it, the routine becomes almost automatic. A delicious blend of cabbage, meat and tomato sauce.


Onions 2 (1 for later)

Meat 1/5 kilo

Herbs (any)

Tomato Sauce 2 tbs

Rice 2 tbs

Cabbage 1

Red Bell Pepper 1


Oil (any) 2 tbs


1. Wash the cabbage. Separate the leaves. Put into a cooking-pot and cover with hot water. Boil until transparent.

2. Mix onion with meat.

3. Chop herbs. Add to meat.

4. Add tomato sauce.

5. Add rice.

6. Add salt and pepper.

7. Mix well until well combined.

8. Cut 1 onion and 1 red bell pepper into disks.

9. Take a cooking-pot and layer the bottom with onion and bell pepper disks.

10. When ready, take cabbage leaves and leave to cool for 2 minutes. If leaves are still crispy, return the cabbage to the boiling water for another three or four minutes.

11. When the leaves are ready, cut out the tough stalks.

12. Put the meat inside the leaves, proportionally and fold tightly to make sure meat doesn’t fall out.

13. Place them in the pan, tightly near one another.

14. Mix one tablespoon of tomato sauce in half a glass of water and mix with a spoon. Poor over the kelem dolmasi and let cook on medium heat.

Nush Olsun!


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