Beach Make-Over

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Besides the pressure of looking perfect in a swim-suit, theres the question that we need to face sooner or later in summer. How to look good on the beach? Most probably if you have a perfectly fit body, you do not have to care about I have to say as you’ll look great anyway. As for the rest of us, we need to make sure our face looks as good as our body on the beach. Tangled wet hair, pale face and black circles just won’t do!

What you need is three simple tricks that will make your face glow in the sun, and make you feel like a star!

First is the lipstick. Nothing makes a face look more fresh than a bright lipstick. Although when I say bright, I mean a colored lipstick. My favorite choice is pink.

The second trick is blush; it will add more health and radiance to your skin.

Finally the last trick is to maintain a subtle hair style. Most importantly, you have to remember that moisturizing hair after a day at the beach is vital, as sun and sea salt dry hair terribly making it look like hay. As for the beach hairstyles, I would suggest either going naturally with open wavy hair, or making a french braid for a more comfortable option. It will keep your hair off your face and look very stylish; did I mention I’m obsessed with french braids?


3 thoughts on “Beach Make-Over

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