Monsieur Dior

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Extremely uncomfotrable in social gatherings, Christian Dior was unlike the stereotypical fashion couturiers of his time. He was timid, and self-conceious and his love for beauty and architecture brought him to fashion, making him one of the most celebrated personas in the world. At the time of war, he worked for Lucien Lelong with Pierre Balmain, where he created dresses for the wives of Nazi officers and french collaborators.

Later he created the New Look, a revolution. He put french designers back on the forefront, and made Paris a new fashion capital after WW2.  This was an innovative and quite provocative idea in its own way. Due to the shortage of fabrics at the time of war, women were used to wearing shorter and straight silhouette dresses.

The New Look was all about adding volume to the figure, wide from the waist, covering the legs. It required a lot of fabric. Women first protested to the idea as they didn’t want their legs covered and many thought that it was a waste of material, but soon when the war was over, women began viewing the New Look in a new way, and today is it one of the main revolutions in fashion.


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