Oil For Hair: Classics

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Beautiful hair comes with a price; a rather high one, actually. It needs masks, shampoos, conditioners, wooden hair-brushes, nutritive vitamins and of course last but not least-oil. I consider oil for the hair of the same essence as the serum for the face; a hair mask or a face cream is simply not enough. Considering that winter is gone (finally) our hair requires more dedication.

Here are the best oil products for the hair that I came across, Kiehl’s being a more light and easy approach, Kerastase an intense and pro-active one, Fureter, great for mosturizing hair as-well as the scalp, Miriam Quevedo, ideal for wavy and curly hair.

Make your choice and embrace the tranquility of your brush sliding through your silky hair.


One thought on “Oil For Hair: Classics

  1. I’m a big fan of Kerastase’s Elixir. It’s become a ritual to use this after every hair wash. Totally recommend it if you often suffer from dry ends.

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