Head Over Heels

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Ever since Victoria Beckham was seen wearing her buckled flats by Manolo Blahnik, we’ve flipped back the page at least twice before being assured by what we see. The past couple of seasons have been all about flat shoes, and Victoria Beckham, the goddess of high-heels, ditching her 16 cm Louboutin Daffodiles, makes it official.

The thing is; everyone looks great in heels. Your posture is straight, your confidence is high and let’s be honest you’re seen better. Easy for a tall girl to say, you must think, but I’ve got news for you. Flats work for any height and they do more than that; they allow you to be free, relaxed and self assured.

Flats are nothing but a feminine liberation! Of course it’s nice to put on a pair of heels once in a while, but there is no need in straining your ankles to balance in sky-high heels, at all time anymore. Pairing a sequin fascia top with w yellow skirt wont seem too much at all if paired with an effortless pair of ballerinas, loafers or espadrilles. Flats have a wow factor of elegance and naiveness, which is always a compliment to a woman.


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