Penelopé Cruz: Vulnerable Charisma

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Beauty is nothing without charisma. It’s a power tool, used for evil and good. To me, a charismatic person is one who has a story and just by looking at him, you can tell that there’s something un-ordinary, almost majestic about him.

Penelopé Cruz is an actress who makes any film alive. All of her roles are natural, realistic and true. She looks best when she’s speaking her native Spanish language, screaming and smocking. I really think think that her accent aught to be patented. Her hair is always put down in a mess, or put up in a crazy bun with most of the hair falling out from different sides.

Her attitude is unique and her abrupt way of acting is a gift. Just by looking at her photographs, and examining her face expressions, I can write an imaginary novel about her life, which she would act out perfectly, because Penelopé is a natural talent who’s charisma makes her special and able to act out any character.


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