TASIS: The American School In Switzerland

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When I think of my best memories, I think of TASIS. Whenever someone asks me for advise on where to send their children to study, I say TASIS. This boarding school taught me more than I realize. Located in Lugano, Switzerland, The American School in Switzerland was established over half a century a go by M. Christ Fleming.

First of all, and most importantly, I made very sincere friendships there, and these friends will be with me forever, no matter where I go. I also learnt to be responsible; finnish my homework and laundry on time.

The campus is beautiful, and waking up every morning to go to class was only upsetting before I stepped out of my room, to take a breath of the fresh mountain air, and embrace all the beauty of Lugano and the TASIS campus.

It’s not a regular boarding school; it’s special, because it combined both discipline and a family-like atmosphere. The professors disciplined us, while maintaining a friendly relationship, often inviting us for dinners, or baking muffins for us to enjoy.

There was a lot of dedication for sports, drama and other after school activities like the environmental club, which I was part of by the way. I miss TASIS everyday, and have a nostalgia of the memories associated with it, very often, and I’m very glad to have been a part of that experience.

Visit TASIS’S Website: http://switzerland.tasis.com/

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