Vika Gazinskaya: Best Looks

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When we look at some people’s manner of dressing, we sometimes assume that he or she in his own little world of reality, because what they’re wearing is so different from our comprehension of trend or fashion.

I always thought of Vika Gazinskaya as one of those people. She has a very artistic style which sometimes jumps into the past, grabbing a large retro hat or a sleek silhouette cocktail dress, paired with an ultra-modern, tom-boy accessory like a baseball cap, from the present.

I can picture her drawing out the outfits in her mind, rather than picking them out, and going out to look for them, and probably often, creating them. She does something that no one else does; she puts on a beautiful costume, which doesn’t look dramatic, but rather playful, as though playing a puzzle with our mind, making us anxious to categorize which period of time, parts of her look, were inspired from.


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