De Beers: Azerbaijan


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What can be a better celebratory symbol than a diamond? De beers, one of the most sophisticated diamond brands who have mastered the jewelry craftsmanship ever since 1888, recently hosted a preview of it’s collection, soon to open a store in Baku, Azerbaijan.

In fact they are one of the only jewelry brands that is a family business retracting diamonds from their own mines making their pieces more individual with utter dedication from the very beginning.

Besides gorgeous colliers and luxury pendants, De Beers is the most elegant choice when it comes to engagement rings and wedding bands, having a special touch to every single ring, making the usual wedding band design more beautiful and special.

In an interview with Nasib Piriyev, co-owner of the PNN Group, said that the newly established cooperation between globally acclaimed jeweller – De Beers – and his family makes him feel proud and excited.”

He also said that the seminar gave him and his family an amazing opportunity to uncover the magical story lying behind De Beers and that introducing this brand to Azerbaijan makes him and his family very proud.

Azerbaijan, a country that admires luxury and beauty, is sure to to be happy about these news! De Beers is personally one of my favorite jewelry brands, not only because for the beauty and quality but for the heritage that this company has, making every piece a collector’s item.


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