GAYDAMAK Creations


Katia and Sonia are two sisters, behind one of the hottest jewellery brands right now-GAYDAMAK. Katia who is in charge of the designs and Sonia who is a journalist as-well as a gemologist.

The sisters were born to a russian father and a jewish mother and live in Paris for most of their lives. One day when Katia was sick of studying journalism, she went to New York. On her way to buy herself a meal, she was passing through “the diamond street” on the Seventh where she spotted a store she liked and went in. She told them there is nothing she know how to do, besides making coffee and sweeping the floor and she is even willing to pay THEM, to be accepted for the job. After being hired as a cleaner, Katia advanced and soon was able to participate and learn about the careful detail of placing diamonds and polishing them. Soon her boss told her “you don’t need us anymore.” That is when Katia set of to create designs for their then called Prive Jewellery.

GAYDAMAK sisters are clear and direct in their goals and self-analysis. They say that they don’t create brooches or colliers as there is Van Cleef & Arpels and Cartier for that,and there is no way they can compete.  They say that people should come to them for crazy and brave designs as that is what they are best at.

The brand’s trend-mark bracelet has become very popular among the stars like Nathalie Portman, Natasha Polie, Rihanna, Janet Jackson and Lana Del Ray. The designs are by far unique and probably the most hot piece of jewellery one can own. The bracelets are fragile yet make a very strong statement. I personally love the serpent one.

GAYDAMAK is available in Bon Marche and Montaigne Market in Paris, in CoutureLab in London and recently in Moscow in the La Premier boutique.


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