Vagif Mustafazadeh: Music Prodigy


Vagif Mustafa Zadeh was an Azeri jazz pianist and composer, famous for fusing jazz and traditional Azeri folk music known as mugham.

He was elected as the best pianist in “Tbilisi-78”. He won the first prize at the 8th International Competition of Jazz Composers for his composition “Waiting for Aziza” in Monaco in 1978 and was awarded with white grand piano.

Vagif Mustafazadeh is assigned Honored Artist of Azerbaijan SSR and after his death Azerbaijani State Prize.

Mustafazadeh is the kind of jazzist who can be appreciated even by a pioneer in music, and a classical music lover-he is made for everyone’s taste. His music is soft and improvising without the heavy jazz mode that usually is a little hard to listen to especially for those who aren’t fans of Jazz.

He is by far one of the most talented people that ever existed and is a music genius with an exquisite taste and ability to fuse mugham with jazz.


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