Hen Tradition

Hen Party!

We recently organized a hen party for my sister, who is getting married in two days! It was a great success and I just wanted to share the experience of henna with those of you who have never tried it! In fact it was the first time I tried it myself!

So, I was not impressed with the fact that it took a while to dry, and also the color, which faded after one day, into a  disgusting yellow colored “tattoo!”

I do advice everyone who has a chance to do it, (most important the brides) to never do it on a visible place, like a upper arm or the chest because as I mentioned above, when the henna fades, it looks awful.

I chose to do mine on the inner side of my palm, and my friend chose to do it on her leg, because she knew she would be wearing a gown, to my sister’s wedding, so it wouldn’t be seen!

Your can also have an idea or two of what you can choose as your henna design, from the images above. I chose the initial of my husband’s name, and my friend chose to do a sun, because everyone calls her a sunshine!


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