YSL VS Louboutin


There are some news from the Loboutin’s RED SOLE Charges against YSL!

Firstly David Bernstein, attorney for YSL, said that no one can prove that YSL’S red soles have hurt Louboutin’s sales in any way, and secondly he argued that Louboutin never should have gotten a trademark for those red soles anyway.

“Louboutin’s trademark should have never been granted,” David Bernstein, attorney for YSL, told WWD Wednesday. “We just don’t think that any fashion designer should be able to monopolize any color.”

Calling YSL’s argument that having an all-red shoe negates the red sole mark “utter rubbish,” Lewin said that, “unless you are living in a cave,” the consumer most definitely recognizes a red-soled shoe as a Louboutin.

I love Louboutin and support its charges to YSL! Louboutin is known for its red soles and YSL should just find something (else) that it can be known for as-well!



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